Welcome Class of 2020 Seniors! You Made it!

This is your time to shine! And it’s your time to make a statement. That’s why I want to invite you to join as a Model Rep in our Senior Portraits Ambassador Program!

I am a portrait photographer here in the greater Kansas City metro area seeking ambassadors from various schools to act as model representatives. Throughout the year, you may see your images on marketing materials, social media and anything else where we think you would look great! What’s even better, you will receive credits to purchase prints for your own senior portraits when your friend book their own portrait session from your referrals in return.


If you are a current Junior, we want you! You can earn a free senior portrait session, prints, products and cash! All you have to do as a model is tell your friends about us. No one is asking you to be a supermodel, just be outgoing and fun. Unfortunately, the Ambassador Search is only for a number of select high schools. So, if you are interested in participating, please ask first to ensure reps are still being accepted from your school.


That’s easy. Complete the online entry application found at the bottom of this page. We will evaluate your application to see if you qualify and determine if we already have enough model reps from your school for your complimentary session.


Top Ambassador reps for Blessed Events LLC will receive a complimentary senior session for their senior portraits. You’ll get free rep business cards to hand out to your classmates along with a spot on the website as a model showing off your images. When your referral calls us and book a senior session, you then earn credits and prizes like a MasterCard/Visa gift card!


* Book 3 senior referrals and earn $75 in print credits and 3 free social media profile images

*Book 5 senior referrals and earn $125 in print credits and 5 free social media profile images

*Book 8 senior referrals and earn $200 in print credits and 8 free social media profile images

*Book 12 senior referrals and earn $300 in print credits and 12 free social media profile images

The three (3) students with the highest number of bookings will also receive the following prizes:

1) Third place - $100 Visa/Mastercard Gift Card

2) Second place - $125 Visa/Mastercard Gift Card

3) First place - $150 Visa/Mastercard Gift Card

The top three (3) students will be notified no later than October 1, 2019. The deadline for booking referrals to earn the prizes for first, second, or third place is September 1, 2019.

***Note: Students must refer a minimum of six (6) bookings to be eligible to win the gift cards. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the student that referred six (6) bookings first.


1) You must schedule your senior portrait session to take place before May 1, 2019.

You will be representing our company so we ask that you actively promote Blessed Events LLC throughout the year. We rely on your support and active models will be rewarded!

You may only hand out your Rep cards to potential clients for Blessed Events LLC, not family and friends.

You must exclusively use your model rep images as your profile pictures on Facebook and other social networking sites until October 1, 2019.

You may not order prints or download images from your session until at least two (2) students schedule and hold their session for senior pictures as a result of your direct referral.

We get creative ideas throughout the year and will call on our models to help test them out! Although it’s not required, we appreciate your help.

Have a GREAT time and enjoy your final year!


Please complete the student application below and remember this is just like a job interview. We ask that everyone take their time completing the application. Please use clear, concise sentences and correct grammar. We will evaluate applications and notify you if we feel you’d be a good choice for representing Blessed Events LLC. We want only the best, outgoing, and professional students representing our company!

When you have completed these, we will evaluate your application to determine if you meet our qualifications for representing Blessed Events LLC. If you do, we will call you to discuss your responses to the application questions over the phone so we can get to know you one on one. If ultimately selected, we will schedule your complimentary senior pictures session. We will contact students/parents Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Remember, you may not order any prints from your free session until at least two (2) students schedule and hold a session for their senior pictures as a result of your direct referral. Most importantly, timing is everything! If you are selected as a Senior Model Rep and have not referred any students for their senior pictures before the first day of class in the fall, you will be billed $125 to cover the costs and expenses directly associated with your session and rep cards. At that point, you will be able to purchase images from the session.

NOTE TO PARENTS: You MUST sign the contract with us before the session for your student’s senior pictures is scheduled. It’s available below. By entering this contest, you are permitting Blessed Events LLC to use your student’s first name and photograph on the blog, website and in marketing materials. You are confirming you have the authority to commit to this. Signing the contract and submitting a Model Rep application in no way obligates you to make purchases from Blessed Events LLC for prints, digital images or anything else.

Student's Name *
Student's Name
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I am currently a Junior in High School and will graduate with the Class of 2020
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Your son/daughter has applied to be a Senior Ambassador Model Rep for Blessed Events LLC. In return he/she will be given a FREE senior portrait session and earn print credits that can be used towards their own photos as well as a chance to win a Visa/Mastercard gift card.  

Please read through the contract and fill it out to acknowledge acceptance and receipt.

1. Deposit and Payment. Client is not obligated to purchase any prints or products from this complimentary session. There is no fee for entry into this model search. 

2. Cancellation. If client fails to appear for complimentary headshot session, there will be no session rescheduled. If client is late, it will be the discretion of the photographer to allow client to participate. This sets precedence for future agreement if chosen as a model.

3. If your son/daughter is selected as a Senior Ambassador Model Rep and does not refer any students for their senior pictures before the first day of class in the fall, you will be billed $125 to cover the costs and expenses directly associated with your session and rep cards. Remember, you may not order any prints from the free session until at least two (2) student schedules and holds a session for their senior pictures as a result of your son/daughter's direct referral.

4. Photographic Materials. All photographic materials, including but not limited to negatives, transparencies, proofs, and previews, shall be the exclusive property of the Photographer. The Photographer shall make online previews available to the Client for the purpose of selecting photographs should they decide to purchase. 

5. Copyright and Reproductions. The Photographer shall own the copyright in all images created and shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions. The Photographer shall only make reproductions for the Client or for the Photographer’s portfolio, samples, self-promotions, entry in photographic contests or art exhibitions, editorial use, or for display within or on the outside of the Photographer’s studio. 

6. Client’s Usage. Client may use the watermarked image used for the online voting poll as a profile photo on websites. Removal of watermark will result in legal action as stealing a copyrighted image. 

7. Contest Permission. Client grants permission for their child (under the age of 18) to enter Senior Model Search for Blessed Events LLC and understands the terms of the contest as well as responsibilities as a chosen senior model representative. Client agrees that image may be posted online for voting and their child has permission to act as a senior model representative for Blessed Events LLC if chosen. 

8. Arbitration. All disputes arising under Agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration before a judge in the following location Missouri courts and the arbitration award may be entered for judgment in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party may refuse to arbitrate when the dispute is for a sum less than $1000. 

9. Miscellany. This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the parties. Any modifications of this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. Any waiver of a breach or default hereunder shall not be deemed a waiver of a subsequent breach or default of either the same provision or any other provision of this Agreement. 

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Missouri. The parties have read this Agreement, agree to all its terms, and acknowledge receipt of a complete copy of the Agreement signed by both parties.

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